Regina Kay Interiors

First generation American interior designer Regina Kay has been fascinated by architecture and living spaces from an early age.  It is perhaps her Austrian heritage that gives her an innate sense of sophistication when addressing a project.  Regina believes that the most exquisite decor exudes energy and expresses personality.  She is known to use her uncanny intuitive sense, along with a rational and practical approach to design.   An eye for color and unique detail, Regina conceives environments that embrace and enchant in both traditional and modern genres.    

Some people look for a beautiful place... Others make a place beautiful.
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Upon graduating the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, it was her new found love of textiles that led Regina to work in the Fashion Industry.  She fondly speaks of her time working for Eli Tahari where  she developed and sold successful suit and dress programs for major department stores.  "I had the privilege of working with some of the best textiles in the industry.  Eli had his finger on the pulse, the fabric and silhouettes were brilliant and I loved what I was able to accomplish."  "I especially loved the way a woman felt when wearing a Tahari piece."  Regina recognized this apparent transformation and marveled at the power color and shape had over an individual. That sparked the beginning of an interesting personal journey.  In the mid 1990's, shortly after the birth of her second child, she made a decision to leave the workforce as she knew it, to raise her children.  

In 1995 Regina and her husband Scott acquired the estate of actor and film producer John Houseman.   This was destiny.   Inspired by an excerpt from John Houseman's  autobiography, "Front and Center," where he describes in poetic detail how this  "house on the hill was the only place he ever considered home," Regina set forth to contract the restoration, renovation and landscaping of this sprawling 15 acre parcel on a hillside tucked away in the Hudson River Valley.  So, 9,500 square feet and four years later, the house was complete. This process allowed for her to simultaneously develop a business plan to open her own interior design studio.  

In 2005 Regina began her interior design career with a partner.  It didn't take long for her to venture out on  her own and in the Spring of 2010 launched Regina Kay Interiors, working diligently from home. It wasn't until after the unexpected death of her husband in early December 2014 that she allowed herself to be completely consumed by her passion to create. Regina opened her studio in Englewood NJ shortly thereafter.  Located in Bergen County New Jersey, Regina serves the tri state area and accepts private commissions in other states.  Whether residential or commercial, she approaches each project with new eyes.  "Spaces...locations...they speak to me.  I hone in on my inherent talent to create a beautiful semblance.  It's exciting to watch it all so naturally unfold."