Home Decor

Let me paint this picture for you.  You are in your home and either you have previously worked with an interior designer or perhaps attempted to take on the role yourself,  but something is missing.  Sometimes it is because your budget didn't allow or you planned to "finish" at a late date.    Nonetheless there is a process of accessorizing that is so incredibly important.  It is what gives the space personality. 

In this case I would set an appointment to photograph the room you desire to address and suggest items essential to facilitate the completion.  I would then meet with you to discuss the options and finalize selections.  The products are ordered and purchased.  Delivery and placement takes one day. I also make sure to take before and after pictures. The difference is astounding.


When selling your home it is important to pare down.  First impressions are everything and staging is no longer an option.  The energy needs to flow smoothly through your home and so the act of clearing your living space is crucial.    A buyer wants a sense of calm, they are searching for their future home, their haven and sanctuary.  I work with both home owners and real-estate agents to ensure the home is aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers. I will consult and devise a punch list for my client or manage the list and resolve.