Space Scents

If you're like me you allow scents to carry you away.  At the moment you encounter one, nerve connections interweave the smell with emotions.  Our olfactory ability prompts areas of our brain to remember certain places, times or people in our lives.  It has the ability to inspire, help us focus, and center ourselves.  

Scent is as important in our living space as our most comfortable sofa.  It will embrace you the moment you walk through the door and should make you feel "at home."  You can start on this journey by simply shopping for a candle, incense or natural soaps you love the smell of.  If you have the time, create your signature scent by experimenting with various essential oils. You will be amazed by the how they trigger a host of  thoughts and feelings.  Experiment and layer a few of them,  you will know for sure when you have found "the one"!  Eden Botanicals has a wide variety of organic oils to choose from and a diffuser is the best way to fragrance your space.  Scent is a very personal thing so give yourself some quiet time and have fun.

A quick tip:  Rance Perfumed Soap in Tuberose is my favorite addition to a guest bathroom.  The scent will last throughout the life of the soap.  Rance has been producing natural soaps since 1795 and their boxed sets make the most exquisite gift. Once you start using them you'll be hooked!