Cashmere & Champagne

When designing for a specific client, I am intentional about choosing visual elements that directly reflect the personality and purposes of that client.  We are currently in the midst of installing a gorgeous new interior for Aydin Surgical Center.  Since the final reveal is imminent, I wanted to share with you the details that inspired this particular design.  

The main source of inspiration was Dr. Aydin himself.  He is a prominent plastic surgeon who is known for his attention to detail.  Whether cosmetic or medical, each reconstructive surgery performed by Dr. Aydin is met with a level of artistry that can be compared to that of a sculptor in his studio.  

With this in mind I set out to conceive a pristine space that also reflects beauty and glamour.  I knew that the center had to function as a clean and sterile doctor's office, but I also wanted each patient to feel as if they had entered a luxurious spa-like getaway.  I had this feeling that it needed to be more than just pretty.  It had to evoke a deeper level of comfort and sparkle in equal measures, much like the idea of "cashmere and champagne."  If I have done my job well--which I am confident that I have--then every patient who leaves Dr. Aydin's care will do so feeling like a million dollars, from the inside out.  

Stay tuned for the final reveal of Aydin Surgical Center!