How to Design a Gorgeous Powder Room

I am of the opinion that a powder room should make a statement.  It should be treated like it’s a visual surprise hidden within the center of your home.  Because it’s behind a closed door, it’s usually only a few square feet in size, and you only spend a few moments in it at any given time, there is huge opportunity to make the powder room something truly exciting.  


The art of layering is the most effective technique to create a swoon-worthy powder room.  Follow these steps to transform your powder room into your favorite room in the house:

Begin by choosing an interesting wall treatment.  You can use floor to ceiling tile or whimsical wallpaper to turn the walls into a work of art all their own.

Next, go for drama when choosing your vanity and mirror.  As the only “furniture” in the room, this combination should make a statement.  

While you’re at it, make sure your sink stands out as well.  Because a powder room sink is typically only used for hand-washing, you can choose something truly unique such as an antique basin, a metallic vessel, a marble slab. .

A powder room should always be finished off with beautiful lighting.  This is the jewelry of the room, so select a fixture that simultaneously draws attention to itself and highlights all of the other carefully chosen details in the space.

If you really want to take your powder room design to the next level, you can infuse even more drama by working in a deep, dark palette like black or navy...

...or by playing with pattern mixing to create excitement and dimension.  

Powder rooms present the opportunity to express boundless creativity.  If you approach your choices with a sense of joie de vivre and a wink, I guarantee that your powder room will turn out to be your home’s morsel of unexpected delight!