Transitional Luxe Master Bathroom

One of the most rewarding parts of the design process is witnessing all of the individual decisions finally start to come together as a cohesive, dynamic room.  In a bathroom, this is especially true because every single element needs to be both beautiful and functional.  As things are starting to take shape at one of the new speculative homes I've had the privilege to design, I'm growing increasingly excited about the progress of the Master Bath.  I'm so excited that I couldn't wait to share it with you, even though it is still in mid-tile install mode.  

As you can see in the photo above, the architecture of the room itself is quite striking.  The raw "wood" planks against the smooth marble shower wall accented by the pebbled shower floor work together to highlight the unique structure of the room.  Just wait until you see the soaking tub that goes in front of that wall!      

The overall vision of this house is a transitional take on French chateau style, so I knew that the Master Bath must reflect that in a way that's both spa-like and sophisticated, hence the term "Transitional Luxe."  In order to successfully achieve a calming aesthetic, I adhered to a restrained color palette of soft greige (gray + beige) and crisp white.  This palette is given interest by infusing a mix of textures, patterns, and finishes that is just right--from the shine of the chrome fixtures to the grain of the wood vanities to the smooth Calcutta marble tile and countertops.  Shape was also an important element to consider.  Clean lines and undulating silhouettes allow the eye to rest and move about the room in a way that can only be described as "Zen-like."   

With these details in mind, I have no doubt that this Transitional Luxe Master Bathroom will prove to deliver on both form and function in a way that is simply irresistible!  Don't forget to check in again soon, because you absolutely must see the grand reveal.